C.A.P – (2) C.A.P. 4 HID Grow Light Master Controllers MLC-4X

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Brand : C.A.P
Model : MLC-4X
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MLC-4X – (2) C.A.P. 4 HID Grow Light Master Controllers Specifications

1 Buy = 2 C.A.P. MLC-4X HID Grow Light Controllers! The MLC-4X Master Lighting Controller is the best device for controlling up to four HID lights from one time-clock or controller. You run 30 amp, 120/240 volt power into the MLC-4, and all of the outlets are controlled by one 120 volt trigger cable. You can plug the trigger cable into a standard 24 hour timer, environmental controller or one of the C.A.P. HLC series of garden and lighting protection devices. The MLC-4X has four 120/240 volt style outlets which allows for running your ballasts at 120/240 volts without having to change out your ballast power cords. The MLC-4X”™s are rated for 30 amps @ 120/240 volts. On top of offering you the MLC-4X at a great price, we provide free ground shipping on all orders. VMInnovations is an authorized CAP dealer selling new, warranted products! Please see our other listings, we offer a wide variety of Hydroponics products. (2) New C.A.P MLC-4X 4 Light Master Lighting Controllers (4 Receptacles Each)! Allows you to control up to Four H.I.D lights 120 Volts Maximum Wattage: 4000 watts/1000 watts per receptacle 16′ Trigger Cord ABS High Temperature Enclosure Receptacle Type: Universal Receptacle that will work with either Nema 6-15 & Nema 5-15 Rated for 30 Amps at 120/240 Volts Operating Temperature Range: 32-120 F Operating Humidity Range: 0-99% RH Relay Operations (minimum): 100,000 Electrical Instuction Manual Product Condition: Brand New Part Number: MLC-4x 4 Year Warranty: (3 Year Manufacturer Warranty + 1 Year VMInnovations Warranty)

C.A.P – (2) C.A.P. 4 HID Grow Light Master Controllers MLC-4X

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Product Name : MLC-4X – (2) C.A.P. 4 HID Grow Light Master Controllers
Product Group : Home/Family
Product Sub-Group#1 : Garden
Product Sub-Group#2 : Home & Garden
Product Categories : Hydroponics
Product Model : C.A.P MLC-4X