Tascam Audio Interface for Computer w/ Cubase LE5 US-1800

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Brand : Tascam
Model : US-1800
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Price : $249.99
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Tascam US-1800 Audio Interface for Computer w/ Cubase LE5 Specifications

The Tascam US-1800 Audio Interface offers more inputs than any interface in its class. Up to 16 inputs and 4 outputs are transmitted to Mac or Windows over high-speed USB 2.0 connection. The US-1800 features eight XLR microphone inputs with phantom power and 60dB of clean gain. Six balanced line inputs are also provided, as well as stereo S/PDIF digital and MIDI in and out. Included with the Tascam US-1800 Audio Interface is Cubase LE5, the latest workstation software from Steinberg. This 48-track audio workstation includes must-have features like automation, plug-ins, mixing, editing and MIDI tracks. Cubase LE5 uses standard VST plug-ins for adding virtual instruments and effects. Don’t miss out on this Rebate Opportunity for Tascam US-1800s purchased between November 1 & December 31, 2014. Simply fill out rebate form and mail it directly to Tascam to redeem! Rebate We are an authorized Tascam dealer Brand New Tascam US-1800 Audio Interface w/ Cubase LE5 Software! 16 simultaneous inputs 4 simultaneous outputs 14 analog inputs (8x) XLR Mic inputs with phantom power (2x) 1/4″ TRS LINE/GUITAR inputs on the front panel (4x) 1/4″ TRS LINE inputs on the rear panel Stereo S/PDIF Digital Input/Output Zero-latency Hardware Monitoring Independent Monitor and Headphone Outputs Stereo monitor output (DAW return (stereo) and input (mono)) 16-channel MIDI Input and Output USB 2.0 connection to Mac/Windows Up to 96kHz/24-bit Audio Resolution Cubase LE 5 48-track workstation software included ASIO and Core Audio support Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Mac OS X compatible Product Condition: Brand New Part Number: US-1800 2 Year Warranty: (1 Year Manufacturer + 1 Year VMInnovations!)

Tascam Audio Interface for Computer w/ Cubase LE5 US-1800

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Product Name : Tascam US-1800 Audio Interface for Computer w/ Cubase LE5
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Product Model : Tascam US-1800