Rockford Fosgate Remote Bass/Treable Knob PPB1

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Brand : Rockford Fosgate
Model : PPB1
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Price : $24.95
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Rockford Fosgate PPB1 Remote Bass/Treable Knob Specifications

WARNING: The cable for the Remote ParaPunch Bass (PPB1) is an 8-conductor non-flipped cable. The cable used for 2003 and older Rockford Fosgate amplifiers is a 6-conductor non-flipped cable. Using a standard RJ-45 style ” flipped” telephone cable or another cable other than the one specified will damage your amplifier and void your warranty. New Rockford Fosgate PPB1 ParaPunch Series Bass EQ Knob Para-Punch Bass remote EQ with variable 35-70Hz frequency and 0dB to +18dB bass boost. Includes bass knob, cable, mounting clip, mounting screws Product Condition: Brand New Part Number: PPB1

Rockford Fosgate Remote Bass/Treable Knob PPB1

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Product Name : Rockford Fosgate PPB1 Remote Bass/Treable Knob
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Product Model : Rockford Fosgate PPB1