VM Audio 10-Inch 800W Subwoofer / SRW10 VM-SRW10

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Brand : VM Audio
Model : VM-SRW10
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Price : $28.99
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VM Audio 10-Inch 800W Subwoofer / SRW10 Specifications

Shaker Series 10″ 800W
High Performance Subwoofer
MSRP: $89.99

Your car is probably one of the few places where you can really let loose with your music, sing loud and rock out. But half the fun of a great song is the bass line and your stock speakers may not be able to deliver the kind of heart-pounding low frequencies that you need. The Shaker Series 10″ 800W High Performance Subwoofer from VM Audio is the perfect solution.

Designed for performance, durability and affordability, the Shaker Series 10″ sub is easy to install and delivers the kind of powerful and crystal-clear bass that comes from our talented and dedicated engineers.   WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW True Bass Consistency The SRW10 subwoofers were designed to maintain low frequency purity with a compliance-controlled spider and a long-displacement suspension system so you can crank up the music and get clean bass notes in your favorite tracks. Quality Construction With an IMPP cone, wide rubber surround, a stamped steel basket and nickel-plated wire connections, the Shaker Series 10″ subwoofer resists oxidation and moisture. Advanced Cooling Systems The SRW10 has direct voice-coil cooling system as well as a vented pole piece in order to whisk heat away and keep your equipment at the proper temperature. HIGHLIGHTS RMS Power: 400 Watts
Peak Power: 800 Watts Dual Voice Coil Low Frequency Subwoofers Long-Displacement Stable Mechanical Suspension System Harsh Weather Resistant Wide Rubber Surround Compliance-Controlled Large Damping Poly Cotton Spider Vibraducer Feather Light IMPP Mass Cone Designer Inspired, Custom Tooled Stamp Steel Basket High, Impact-Resistant One Piece Magnet Cap Aerodynamic, Direct Voice Coil Surface-Cooling System Extended, Vented Pole Piece Motor Cooling Structure Heavy-Duty Nickel Plated Wire Connection Push Terminals Spider Woven High-Conducting Silver Tinsel Leads Mounting-Guided Tall Beveled Color Match

VM Audio 10-Inch 800W Subwoofer / SRW10 VM-SRW10

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Product Name : VM Audio 10-Inch 800W Subwoofer / SRW10
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