VM Audio Elux 10-Inch Competition Subwoofer / EXW10 VM-EXW10

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Brand : VM Audio
Model : VM-EXW10
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VM Audio Elux 10-Inch Competition Subwoofer / EXW10 Specifications

VM Audio VM-EXW10 Elux Series 10” 2100W Competition Subwoofer The VM Audio Elux Series 10″ competition subwoofer was designed for those with a passion for pure and unmuddled bass. We know you’re going to push your audio equipment to its maximum potential and our expert audio engineering team designed our Elux series subwoofers to keep up. Whether you’re looking to turn some heads around town or if you’re an audiophile yourself and want to get the kind of crystal clear bass that you need to enjoy your music to the fullest, the VM Audio Elux series 10″ competition subwoofer is the pinnacle of bass performance, intelligent design and precision engineering. TOP-TIER BASS RESPONSIVENESS You need a subwoofer that can meet the demands of your favorite music. The Elux series 10″ subwoofer uses a high-excursion mechanical suspension system, a large poly-cotton spider and light-weight IMPP cone to provide you with the clear, responsive bass that you need. BUILT FOR THE LONG-HAUL You should be able to blast your music with the windows down or with the top back without having to worry about your speakers being affected by the weather. Our Elux series 10″ subwoofer is built with a durable rubber surround, custom stamped steel basket and nickel-plated wire connections so that the unit will resist dust, moisture and rust. ADVANCED THERMAL MANAGEMENT When you’re pushing 2100 watts to your sub, things can heat up. That’s why the VM Audio Elux series 10″ sub features an extended thermal cooling vented pole piece motor structure for direct air exposure and an aerodynamic direct voice coil surface-cooling system with high surface area for fast cooling. INSTALLATION FLEXIBILITY Whether you fall on the sealed or ported side of the subwoofer enclosure debate, the VM Audio Elux series 10″ subwoofer can do either. With both dual and single impedance configurations, the EXW10 can do it all. HIGHLIGHTS RMS Power: 1050 Watts Peak Power: 2100 Watts Dual Voice Coil Low Frequency Subwoofers High Excursion Linear Mechanical Suspension System Tough, Weather Resistant Wide Rubber Surround Large, Linear-Flex Damping Controlled Poly Cotton Spider Vibraducer Feather Light IMPP Mass Cone High Strength, Custom Tooled Proprietary Stamp Steel Basket High Impact-Resistant One Piece Magnet Cover Aerodynamic, Direct Voice Coil Surface-Cooling System Extended, Thermal Cooling Vented Pole Piece Motor Structure Heavy-Duty Nickel Plated Wire Connection Push Terminals Spider Woven High-Conducting Silver Tinsel Leads Mounting-Guiding Tall Beveled Color Matching Trim Ring Sealed or Ported Enclosure Performance Single 2ohm/8ohm or Dual 4ohm Impedance Configurations TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Size: 10″ Nominal Impedance: Dual 4 Ohm RMS Power: 1050W Peak Power Handling: 2100W Voice Coil Diameter: 2.5″ (60.6mm) Magnet Weight: 38.7oz * 2 Frequency Response: 28Hz – 390Hz Clone Material: Polypropylene Surround Material: Butyl Rubber Mounting Diameter: 9.02″ (229mm) Mounting Height: 4.96″ (126mm) Warranty: 1 Year

VM Audio Elux 10-Inch Competition Subwoofer / EXW10 VM-EXW10

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Product Name : VM Audio Elux 10-Inch Competition Subwoofer / EXW10
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Product Model : VM Audio VM-EXW10