VM Audio 2) Encore 10-Inch High Excursion Subwoofers / ECW100 (Pair) VM-ECW100

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Brand : VM Audio
Model : VM-ECW100
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2) VM Audio Encore 10-Inch High Excursion Subwoofers / ECW100 (Pair) Specifications

2 Encore 10″ 2600W High Excursion Subwoofers The VM Audio Encore 10″ high excursion subwoofer was designed by our professional team of engineers for exactly this type of consumer. Features like the linear-flex spider ensure the clarity of the low frequency notes while the dynamic high-magnitude cone increases the precision of this incredible subwoofer. Every aspect of the Encore series 10″ subwoofer was built to preserve the integrity of the low frequencies in your music while still giving you the power you want to crank up the volume. THE POWER YOU NEED The ECW100 pumps 1300 watts of RMS power and peak power of 2600 watts. Whether you’re enjoying a symphony orchestra or something a little more bass-heavy, the ECW100 delivers the right amount of power for any listening preferences. PURITY OF SOUND With sound enthusiasts, purity is everything. The Encore series 10″ subwoofers uses advanced lateral mechanical suspension, a high-excursion wide surround and a deep piston cone diaphragm to maintain the absolute highest low frequency purity. BUILT TO LAST The elements can impact more than just the outside of your car. The Encore series 10″ subwoofer features a wide rubber surround and nickel-plated wire connection terminals to protect from oxidation. HIGH-TEMPERATURE ALUMINUM VOICE COIL Our Encore series 10″ subwoofers can handle a lot of power. We use a 2.5″ (60.6mm) high-temp voice coil made with the best possible anodized aluminum former, copper-clad aluminum wire and a spun-laced Nomexยฎ reinforced collar. Ferrofluid coating, direct air contact and large magnet surface area all work to dissipate the heat, protect the coils and maintain the performance of the sub. HEAVY DUTY DIE CAST ALUMINUM BASKET The structural integrity of your subwoofers is crucial which is why the Encore series 10″ sub has a rugged, die-cast aluminum basket to support the large, double-stacked magnets and increase flexibility for extreme installations. HIGH-POTENCY MAGNET STRUCTURE For the Encore series 10″ subwoofer, our engineers use large, high-quality magnets for several reasons. First, it allows for more excursion and power. Second, it also provides more surface area to increase the speed of cooling for the subwoofer’s components. HIGHLIGHTS RMS Power: 1300 Watts Peak Power: 2600 Watts Dual Voice Coil Low Frequency Transducers Lateral High Thrust Mechanical Suspension System Relentless High Excursion Wide Surround Multi-Roll, Linear-Flex Damping Control Large Spider Low Molecular, Deep Piston Cone Diaphragm Ultra Deep, Proprietary Rust-Treated Stamp Steel Basket High Impact-Resistant One Piece Magnet Boot Protection Aerodynamic, Direct Voice Coil Surface-Cooling System Extended, Thermal Cooling Vented Pole Piece Motor Structure Heavy-Duty Nickel Plated Wire Connection Push Terminals Spider Woven High-Conducting Silver Tinsel Leads Mounting-Guiding Tall Beveled Color Matching Trim Ring Sealed or Ported Enclosure Performance Single 2ohm/8ohm or Dual 4ohm Impedance Configurations TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS PER SPEAKER – Size: 10″ – Nominal Impedance: Dual 4 Ohm – RMS Power: 1300W – Peak Power Handling: 2600W – Voice Coil Diameter: 2.5″ (60.6mm) – Magnet Weight: 53.8oz * 2 – Frequency Response: 25Hz – 360Hz – Clone Material: Polypropylene – Surround Material: Butyl Rubber – Mounting Diameter: 8.94″ (227mm) – Mounting Height: 7.20″ (183mm) – Warranty: 1 Year

VM Audio 2) Encore 10-Inch High Excursion Subwoofers / ECW100 (Pair) VM-ECW100

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