VM Audio 4 15-Inch 4800W Subwoofers / SRW15 4 x VM-SRW15

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Brand : VM Audio
Model : 4 x VM-SRW15
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Price : $198.99
Merchant Store : VMInnovations!

4 VM Audio 15-Inch 4800W Subwoofers / SRW15 Specifications

2-Way HD Full Range Speakers MSRP: $49.99 Most would agree that having a top of the line sound system is a no brainer for optimizing the listening quality in your ride. VM Audio's Elux Full Range Speakers will help you achieve this quality with outstanding performance and phenomenal stereo imaging sound quality. Our Elux Full Range Speakers are equipped with a Coated Customized Stamped Steel Basket and ABS Magnet Boot that reduces mounting depth for a more slick, streamlined appearance while reducing noise vibration. The 2-Way Coaxial Dynamic Driver Design captivates your undivided attention with greater definition and separation across the entire soundstage gamut. Powerful, well-defined bass response along with the purest highs are handled by our KSV High Power Voice Coil. Our Designer Wave Array Grills provide clean sound dispersion and excellent protective properties. The Propulsion Drive Flux-Cycle Motor System with magnetic uniformity efficiently displaces the moving diaphragm for accurate smooth sound reproduction. The Single Point Multi-Radiating Diaphragm Coaxial Loudspeaker Design places the tweeter in the same radiating plane as the woofer for a wide single source reproduction. All of these intricately

VM Audio 4 15-Inch 4800W Subwoofers / SRW15 4 x VM-SRW15

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Product Name : 4 VM Audio 15-Inch 4800W Subwoofers / SRW15
Product Group : Electronics
Product Sub-Group#1 : Audio
Product Sub-Group#2 : Electronics
Product Categories : 15-Inch Subwoofers
Product Model : VM Audio 4 x VM-SRW15