Cobra CXR725 27 Mile 22 Channel FRS/GMRS Walkie Talkie 2-Way Radios (4 Pair) 4 x CXR725

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Brand : Cobra
Model : 4 x CXR725
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Cobra CXR725 27 Mile 22 Channel FRS/GMRS Walkie Talkie 2-Way Radios (4 Pair) Specifications

The Cobra CXR725 Microtalk 27-Mile Radio is the World”™s smallest high-powered GMRS/FRS radio with extended range. This product features 10 Channel Memory and Key Lock, which eliminates accidental channel changes. VibrAlert technology will notify you of a call in the noisiest of environments and voice-activated transmission capabilities free up your hands for other tasks. A total of 3124 channel combinations are available when the 22 channels are combined with the 142 privacy codes that helps to prevent interference from other radios. Don’t get caught out in the rain and buy your Cobra CXR725 27-Mile Radio today! The radios include rechargeable high capacity lithium ion batteries and a two-port desktop charger. The desktop charger wall adapter can also charge one radio through its speaker/microphone/charge jack. This product is great for hiking, or road trips! Patented VibrAlertยฎ Scan Feature – Maximum Range Extender (27 miles) Package Includes: (4) Pairs of Cobra CXR725 Walkie Talkie Radios We are an authorized Cobra dealer (4) Pair of Brand New Cobra CXR725 Microtalk 30-Mile Radios! UHF/FM: Ultra-clear long distance reception. Up to 27 Mile Range: Extended range capacity provides up to 27 mile range. (Range will vary depending on terrain and conditions.) Selectable Power Output: Choose between High Power to maximize range or Low Power to conserve battery life (in GMRS). 3124 Channel Combinations: Available when the 22 channels are combined with the 142 privacy codes (38 CTCSS/104 DCS), these combinations prevent interference from other radios. VOX: The user’s voice is detected and the radio transmits without the need to press any buttons, freeing hands for other tasks. 5 VOX sensitivity levels allow the user to select at which point the radio will detect their voice. Patented VibrAlertยฎ: Provides a silent alert for incoming calls. Ideal for noisy or all-quiet environments. 10 Channel Memory: Allows the user to program up to 10 channel or channel/privacy code combinations for easy retrieval. Battery Saver Circuitry: A unique circuit extends the life of the batteries. If there are no transmissions within 10 seconds, the unit will automatically switch to battery saver mode. Scan Feature: Allows the user to scan either channels or privacy codes within a channel to locate conversations in progress. Key Lock: When activated, provides key pad security eliminating accidental channel changes. 10 Call Tones: Allows the user to differentiate between up to 10 different parties on incoming calls. Roger Beep Tone (selectable): Confirmation tone indicates the completion of the user’s transmission, and signals to others it is clear to talk. This feature is selectable and can be turned on or off. Auto Squelch: Automatically shuts off weak transmissions or unwanted noise due to terrain or range constraints. Maximum Range Extender: Overrides Auto Squelch to provide extended range reception. Illuminated LCD Display: Provides maximum ease of use even at night. Keystroke Tone Signal (Selectable on/off): Confirms key activation. This feature is selectable and can be turned ON or OFF. Speaker/Microphone/Charger Jack: Allows use of wall charger, or earphone speaker/microphones (not included) for ” hands-free” operation. Belt Clip: Secures your microTALKยฎ radio while on the go. 2 Lithium Ion Batteries: Ultra compact, high-capacity rechargeable batteries. Two-Port Desktop Charger: Charges supplied Lithium Ion batteries inside radios. Charger accommodates 1 or 2 radios. Product Condition: Brand New Part Number: CXR725 2 Year Warranty: (1 Year Manufacturer Warranty + 1 Year VMInnovations Warranty!) Product Manual

Cobra CXR725 27 Mile 22 Channel FRS/GMRS Walkie Talkie 2-Way Radios (4 Pair) 4 x CXR725

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Product Name : Cobra CXR725 27 Mile 22 Channel FRS/GMRS Walkie Talkie 2-Way Radios (4 Pair)
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