Cobra CXT225 20 Mile Gmrs/frs 2-Way Radio Walkie Talkies (2 Pairs) + Headsets (4) CXT225 + 4 x GA-EBM2

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Brand : Cobra
Model : CXT225 + 4 x GA-EBM2
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Price : $118.95
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Cobra CXT225 20 Mile Gmrs/frs 2-Way Radio Walkie Talkies (2 Pairs) + Headsets (4) Specifications

We are an Authorized Dealer. Authorized Cobra dealers sell new, warranted products! 1 Buy = 2 Pair Cobra CXT225 Walkie-Talkies + 4 Cobra GA-EBM2 Headsets! The Cobra CXT225 20-Mile 2-way radios feature rechargeable batteries & includes a ” Y” wall charger. With its compact design and built in NOAA Radio Receiver, you can take it anywhere. It has voice activated (VOX) transmission hands free for other tasks. Up to 2662 channel combinations available when the 22 channels combine with the 142 privacy codes for interference free communication! The Cobra CXT225 MicroTalk 20-Mile Radios even possess voice activated transmission capabilities, allowing for hands free communication. It is the perfect radio for travel, as the belt clip fits comfortably and efficiently at your side. The LCD display is easy to see and provides a quick glance of the radio’s status, and the Speaker/Microphone/Charger Jack allows you to plug in either a wall charger or headphones. This product also includes the Cobra GA-EBM2 headset, that uses an earbud that fits in your ear, and a small microphone that clips on your shirt. It fits all handheld radios that have a single accessory jack. If your radio has dual jacks (separate jacks for speaker and microphone), then click for the PMR-EBM. (2) Brand New Pairs of Cobra CXT225 20 Mile MicroTalk 2-Way Radios! Radio System Type: GMRS/FRS Up to a 20 mile range 2662 channel combinations w/Channel Scan 142 privacy codes (38 CTCSS/104 DCS) NOAA weather and emergency radio Battery saver circuitry Voice activated transmission for hands free operation Auto Squelch automatically shuts off weak transmissions or unwanted noise Key lock provides key pad security eliminating accidental channel changes Low-battery indicator notifies you when a charge is needed Five call tones and roger beep tone Maximum range extender Illuminated LCD display Belt clip for wearing Speaker/microphone/ charger jack 8 AAA NIMH rechargeable batteries (4 per radio) Includes wall charger and rechargeable batteries May also be used with AAA alkaline batteries Color: Black/Gray Dimensions: 2.8 x 7.0 x 8.9 Product Condition: Brand New Model Number: CXT225 2 Year Warranty: (1 Year Manufacturer Warranty + 1 Year VMInnovaitons Warranty) (4) Brand New Cobra GA-EBM2 Earbud & Compact Microphone Headsets! Lightweight earbud headset with compact on-cord microphone Push-to-talk (PTT) button for convenient communications Fits all microTALKยซ radios Production Condition: Brand New Part Number: GA-EBM2 2 Year Warranty: (1 Year Manufacturer Warranty + 1 Year VMInnovations Warranty!)

Cobra CXT225 20 Mile Gmrs/frs 2-Way Radio Walkie Talkies (2 Pairs) + Headsets (4) CXT225 + 4 x GA-EBM2

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Product Name : Cobra CXT225 20 Mile Gmrs/frs 2-Way Radio Walkie Talkies (2 Pairs) + Headsets (4)
Product Group : Electronics
Product Sub-Group#1 : Audio
Product Sub-Group#2 : Electronics
Product Categories : 2-Way Radios
Product Model : Cobra CXT225 + 4 x GA-EBM2