VM Audio SRA1200.4 1200W 4 Channel Amplifier VM-SRA1200.4

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Brand : VM Audio
Model : VM-SRA1200.4
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Price : $55.99
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VM Audio SRA1200.4 1200W 4 Channel Amplifier Specifications

SRA1200.4 Class A/B 4/3/2 Channel1200W Car Amplifier MSRP: $189.99 The stock audio systems in cars, even the name-brand upgrades, are often depressingly average. The absence of bass performance and tiny high frequencies take the pleasure right out of driving. To remedy this, VM Audio created the Shaker Series Amplifiers to boost your car”™s speaker performance and bring the passion back into your driving. The Shaker Series Amplifiers from VM Audio, created from years of expert development, use the latest advancements in technology to produce these works of audio art. Our engineers”™ main goal with the Shaker Series amplifiers was quite simple: powerful sound reproduction and bass notes with pure, crystal clarity. To achieve this, VM Audio utilized state-of-the-art technologies like our Dynamode DC Conversion to efficiently regulate the voltage for uninterrupted performance; A/B Topology to create pristine sounds by reading the positive and negative signals separately; and our V-MOSFET Engine to achieve dynamic headroom for higher power with less heat and distortion. Thanks to the 5th Element Protection feature, the system is protected against overheating, short circuiting, over-current and under-voltage. The extraordinary advanced technology and awe-inspiring designs are sure to make a huge impression on you and your passengers. With a competitive price point, the Shaker Series Amplifiers are a no-brainer for any audio enthusiast looking to boost the power of their car audio system. Let VM Audio provide you with the exclusive experience of exhilarating audio enjoyment.  

VM Audio SRA1200.4 1200W 4 Channel Amplifier VM-SRA1200.4

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Product Name : VM Audio SRA1200.4 1200W 4 Channel Amplifier
Product Group : Electronics
Product Sub-Group#1 : Audio
Product Sub-Group#2 : Electronics
Product Categories : 4-Channel Amps
Product Model : VM Audio VM-SRA1200.4