Royal Sovereign 9-Inch Hot and Cold Pouch Laminator EZ-9

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Brand : Royal Sovereign
Model : EZ-9
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Price : $13.99
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Royal Sovereign EZ-9 9-Inch Hot and Cold Pouch Laminator Specifications

NEW Royal Sovereign EZ-9 9″ Multi Purpose Thermal Hot/Cold Pouch Laminator is the ideal for your laminating and document preservation needs in the home or office! Great for photos, documents, important memorabilia, or any item you want to keep for years! This laminator will preserve, protect and enhance your important items. Use with business cards to legal-size pouches. Easy operation! The cold lamination feature will protect heat sensitive materials. The rounded design will complement any environment. Ideal for anything from business cards to legal-size pouches! Hot and Cold Feature! Laminates laminating pouches 3 mil to 5 mil thick NEW Royal Sovereign Ez-9 9″ Multipurpose Thermal Hot/Cold Pouch Laminator Designed for school, home and office needs Laminates laminating pouches 3 mil to 5 mil thick Easy operation Hot and cold feature Heats up in 7-8 minutes ” Ready” light Automatic feed Takes seconds to laminate Cold lamination feature to protect heat sensitive material Maximum laminating width: 9.05″ Maximum laminating thickness: 1.2mm Number of rollers: 2 Power consumption: 370 Watts Voltage: 120V/ 60Hz Motor type: AC motor Dimensions: 13.7 x 8.2 x 4.29 inch Weight: 8.1 pounds Product Condition: Brand New Part Number: EZ-9 Warranty: One Year VMInnovations

Royal Sovereign 9-Inch Hot and Cold Pouch Laminator EZ-9

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Product Model : Royal Sovereign EZ-9