VM Audio 2) SRPK4R 4 Gauge Amplifier Wiring Kits VM-SRPK4R

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Brand : VM Audio
Model : VM-SRPK4R
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2) VM Audio SRPK4R 4 Gauge Amplifier Wiring Kits Specifications

SRPK4R 4 Gauge Single Amplifier Installation Kit MSRP: $49.99 Life is filled with challenges and complications. Fortunately, installing your new amplifier doesn't have to be one of them. The Shaker Series Amplifier Installation Kit by VM Audio includes everything that you need to get your new amp up and running: power cable, ground cable, faston connectors and even zip ties and other accessories are all included. This kit will save you hours of headache so make sure that if you're on the market for a new amplifier that you make life easier on yourself with our amp installation kit. Not only is the Shaker Series Amplifier Installation Kit a true lifesaver, but it also is designed to make your entire sound system work at peak performance. If you want your amplifier to operate at its best you simply cannot use inferior parts and accessories. Our exclusive, pre-selected set of tools includes CopperCure highly conductive copper wires that are oxygen-free to ensure clean and consistent power transfer. These high-performance copper wires are wrapped in the durable and flexible SurfaceFlex wire jacket for effective cable routing. The CRB fuse holder has been specially plated with nickel for corrosion protection against the elements. Last but not least, distortion and external noise are red

VM Audio 2) SRPK4R 4 Gauge Amplifier Wiring Kits VM-SRPK4R

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