VM Audio 16) SRHP9 MP3/iPhone iPod Over Head on Ear DJ Headphones – Pink/Grey 16 x VM-SRHP9-PK

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Brand : VM Audio
Model : 16 x VM-SRHP9-PK
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16) VM Audio SRHP9 MP3/iPhone iPod Over Head on Ear DJ Headphones – Pink/Grey Specifications

16 Pairs of VM Audio SRHP9-PK On-Ear Hyper Bass Headphones VM Audio”™s goal is simple: create beautiful sounds and attractive designs that our customers love. Shaker Series on-ear headphones are uniquely tuned with clean, unadulterated sounds and deep, strong bass. They feature form-fitting cups that cover the ears ergonomically for long and comfortable wearing. The Shaker Series headphones are available in multiple fashionable colors to match your unique lifestyle. The first thing you”™ll notice is the minimalistic look of the headphones. The sleek lines are smooth and natural, and the color options are easy on the eyes and allow our customers to express their individuality unlike any other headphones.The aesthetics are equally matched by state-of-the-art 40mm Dynamic Full Range Transducers that output powerful bass while producing crystal clear sounds. Of course, great sound performance can only be experienced with the Comfortpedic FeelGood Cushion ear pads that contour naturally around the ears and stay light on the head with the help of the light-weight durable ABS frame for long periods of enjoyment without fatigue. The seamless design of the Total ABS Acoustic Transducer Enclosure produces a fully isolated listening experience to keep out unwanted noises. With many models to choose from, ranging from classic looks to elite aesthetics, the Shaker Series headphones offer the sound quality that our high-performance users demand and the unique style you need to stay true to your individual style. STRONG CONSTRUCTION The Shaker Series on-ear headphones are built to last with a full ABS frame. If you need them to travel with you they can handle their share of bumps and bruises. They also feature a high-strength aluminum headband for added durability. OUTSTANDING SOUND PERFORMANCE VM Audio”™s Shaker Series is an audio junkie”™s dream come true with a 40mm dynamic full-range transducer and stranded copper audio wires that produce some of the best sound reproduction on the market. POWERFUL BASS When you use on-ear headphones, you”™re looking to get a full range of sounds, especially those wonderful low frequencies. The Shaker Series headphones use our acoustic suspension bass performance technology to get clean and strong bass notes. COMFORT FIT Not only are the Shaker Series headphones ergonomically designed, but they also feature leatherette pads, padded headband with adjustable strap, and self-adjusting reversible swivel ear cups. BUILT-IN VOLUME CONTROL When you need to adjust the volume quickly, the SRHP9 headphones offer a built-in volume control on the left ear piece. Just dial the volume up or down with one hand. HIGHLIGHTS On-Ear Headphones Deep Powerful Bass Output Diamond Bright Acoustic Sound Natural Noise Reduction Acoustic Design 40mm Dynamic Full Range Transducer Acoustic Suspension Bass Performance Open-Back Stereo Headphones Comfortpedic FeelGood Cushion Ear Pads Circumaural Leatherette Foam Padded Ear Pads Light Durable ABS Frame Ergonomic Headband Length Adjustment Impact Resistant ABS Frame Headband Total ABS Acoustic Transducer Enclosure Bass Reflex Design Enclosure Custom Head-Fit Ear Cup Length Adjustment Acoustic Transparent Transducer Cover Cloth Multi-Stranded Copper Wiring 3.5mm Silver Plated Plug TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Headphone Style: On-Ear Transducer Size: 40mm Transducer Type: Dynamic Noise Reduction: Natural Impedance: 33 Ohms Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20kHz Sensitivity:120dB Plug Size: 3.5mm Cord Length: 1.5m (4.92ft) Warranty: 1 Year

VM Audio 16) SRHP9 MP3/iPhone iPod Over Head on Ear DJ Headphones – Pink/Grey 16 x VM-SRHP9-PK

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