VM Audio 16) Dynamic On-Ear Headphones (Red) / SRHP5 16 x VM-SRHP5-RD

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Brand : VM Audio
Model : 16 x VM-SRHP5-RD
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Price : $118.99
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16) VM Audio Dynamic On-Ear Headphones (Red) / SRHP5 Specifications

SRHP5-RD On-Ear Dynamic Sound Headphones MSRP: $39.99 We”™ve all had the experience of being emotionally moved by a piece of film or a musical album. We get so immersed in the experience that it gives us chills or causes our hearts to stir. The Shaker Series headphones by VM Audio are designed to deliver that type of experience every time you put them on. VM Audio”™s goal is simple: create beautiful sounds and attractive designs that our customers love. Shaker Series on-ear headphones are uniquely tuned with clean, unadulterated sounds and deep, strong bass. They feature form-fitting cups that cover the ears ergonomically for long and comfortable wearing. The Shaker Series headphones are available in multiple fashionable colors to match your unique lifestyle. The first thing you”™ll notice is the minimalistic look of the headphones. The sleek lines are smooth and natural, and the color options are easy on the eyes and allow our customers to express their individuality unlike any other headphones.The aesthetics are equally matched by state-of-the-art 40mm Dynamic Full Range Transducers that output powerful bass while producing crystal clear sounds. Of course, great sound performance can only be experienced with the Comfortpedic FeelGood Cushion ear pads that contour naturally around the ears and stay light on the head with the help of the light-weight durable ABS frame for long periods of enjoyment without fatigue. The seamless design of the Total ABS Acoustic Transducer Enclosure produces a fully isolated listening experience to keep out unwanted noises.

VM Audio 16) Dynamic On-Ear Headphones (Red) / SRHP5 16 x VM-SRHP5-RD

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Product Name : 16) VM Audio Dynamic On-Ear Headphones (Red) / SRHP5
Product Group : Electronics
Product Sub-Group#1 : Audio
Product Sub-Group#2 : Electronics
Product Categories : Headphones
Product Model : VM Audio 16 x VM-SRHP5-RD