VM Audio 3 Pairs SREB3 Earbuds / White & Blue 3 x VM-SREB3-WBL

High Quality VM Audio 3 Pairs SREB3 Earbuds / White & Blue 3 x VM-SREB3-WBL. Best Price and Reviews Compare Reasonable Price VM Audio 3 x VM-SREB3-WBL. Compare best value!
Brand : VM Audio
Model : 3 x VM-SREB3-WBL
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Price : $22.99
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3 Pairs VM Audio SREB3 Earbuds / White & Blue Specifications

SREB3-WBL In-Ear Sonically Balanced Earbuds MSRP: $19.99 It is hard to imagine that something as small as the Shaker Series earbuds could produce beautiful realistic sounds and booming bass. But as the saying goes, “œthe best things come in small packages,” and the Shaker Series earbuds by VM Audio are no exception. VM Audio understands that music enthusiasts have very demanding ears which is why we have developed advanced designs and technology to bring you pure, unadulterated sound reproduction as well as a comfortable fit inside your ears. The SREB series of earbuds are truly the epitome of audio enjoyment and provide an unforgettable listening experience that cannot be duplicated. The portable Shaker Series earbuds are can be customized to fit your style. They come in several color options to ensure a stylish look while also staying true to our core value of high-performance music and entertainment playback. The Soothing Dome Comfort tips are made from high-quality silicone and conform naturally to your ear shape for a perfect seal and comfortable listening experience even over long periods of time. They”™re also completely washable! The Dynamic Bass Enhanced Mini Driver produces a crystal clear sound that is second to none. Even with this high-precision sound engineering and expert designs, the SREB series earbuds are still priced affordably and feature our exclusive craftsmanship and an outstanding listening experience.   WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW

VM Audio 3 Pairs SREB3 Earbuds / White & Blue 3 x VM-SREB3-WBL

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Product Name : 3 Pairs VM Audio SREB3 Earbuds / White & Blue
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Product Model : VM Audio 3 x VM-SREB3-WBL