VM Audio Elux Over-Ear Hyperbass Headphones – Piano White/Blue EXHB200-COL-WT-BL

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Brand : VM Audio
Model : EXHB200-COL-WT-BL
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Price : $29.99
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VM Audio Elux Over-Ear Hyperbass Headphones – Piano White/Blue Specifications

VM Audio Elux HD Dynamic Studio Headphones (Over Ear) White/Blue The VM Audio EXHB200 Elux Over-Ear series headphones were designed with this kind of philosophy in mind. You should be able to enjoy your music the way the artist intended when they recorded it in a professional studio. You should be able to get lost in your favorite video game or movie without any distracting outside noises. You shouldn’t have to break the bank in order to get a comfortable, top-tier listening experience with rugged and innovative design. That’s why the EXHB200 headphones feature best-in-class technology, eautiful piano or carbon-fiber body design and solid ABS construction so that they can bring your favorite media to life in the way that it was meant to be enjoyed. ULTRA-CLEAR HIGH-FIDELITY SOUND Music, movies and games were meant to be enjoyed with complete immersion and pure sound. Get the crystal clear audio that you deserve. ULTRA-CLEAR HIGH-STRENGTH, LIGHT ABS FRAME CONSTRUCTION Cycling through cheaply constructed headphones isn’t the way to enjoy the media you love. NATURAL AMBIENT NOISE REDUCTION DESIGN Dorm rooms, apartments, coffee shops or your living room: wherever you are, enjoy only the sound that you want. POWERFUL BREATHTAKING BASS PERFORMANCE The EXHB200 delivers skull-crushing bass that retains its precision and clarity. HIGHLIGHTS Over-Ear Sealed Back Stereo Headphones Hyper-Coated Carbon Fiber Body Ultra Clear High Fidelity Acoustic Sound Powerful Breathtaking Bass Performance High Strength, Light ABS Frame Construction Natural Ambient Noise Attenuation Design Cool-Cushion Pressure Balanced Ear Pads Ergonomic Custom Adjustable Headband Automatic Self-Adjusting Swivel Ear Cups Sleek Foldable Easy Storage Design Inner Leatherette Comfort Padded Headband Removable Multi-Strand Copper Audio Cable AirBraid Audio Cable Insulation 40mm Dynamic Full Range Transducer TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS – Headphone Style: Over Ear – Earcup Type: Closed – Transducer Size: 40mm – Transducer Type: Dynamic – Noise Reduction: Natural – Ear Cushions: Yes – Impedance: 32 Ohms – Frequency Response: 20Hz รขโ‚ฌ”œ 20kHz – Sensitivity: 105dB – Plug Size: 3.5mm – Cord Length: 1.5m (4.92ft) – Warranty: 1 Year

VM Audio Elux Over-Ear Hyperbass Headphones – Piano White/Blue EXHB200-COL-WT-BL

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Product Name : VM Audio Elux Over-Ear Hyperbass Headphones – Piano White/Blue
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Product Model : VM Audio EXHB200-COL-WT-BL