LEGO GALAXY SQUAD Bug Obliterator / 70705 70705

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Model : 70705
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LEGO GALAXY SQUAD Bug Obliterator / 70705 Specifications

LEGO GALAXY SQUAD Bug Obliterator The deadly alien dragonfly is trying to capture the Galaxy Squad orange team heroes in a cocoon prison. Soar into battle with orange team heroes Jack Fireblade and Ashlee Starstrider in the Bug Obliterator! Hit the button to transform the Bug Obliterator into a rugged armored rover and a swift attack ship that can battle those bugs from the sky! Launch the hidden flick missiles and fire the laser guns to send those alien bugs crawling back to where they came from! LEGO GALAXY SQUAD Bug Obliterator Bug Obliterator is two attach vehicles in one Splits into armored rover and swift attack shift Both feature opening cockpits, flick missiles and laser guns Alien dragonfly ships features moveable tail and a cocoon Don’t get imprisoned in the cocoon! Incldues four minifigures Jack Fireblade, Ashlee Starstrider, Robot Sidekick and winged alien mosquitoid Weapons include: 3 blasters and an alien sonic gun Bug Obliterator dimensions: 3″ (H) x 5″ (L) x 2″ (W) Armored rover dimensions: 2″ (H) x 5″ (L) x 2″ (W) Attack ship dimensions: 1″ (H) x 9″ (L) x 5″ (W) Alien dragonfly dimensions: 1″ (H) x 9″ (L) x 5″ (W) Pieces: 711 Item #: 70705 Ages: 8+

LEGO GALAXY SQUAD Bug Obliterator / 70705 70705

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