LEGO Movie MetalBeardโ€™s Duel / 70807 70807

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Model : 70807
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LEGO Movie MetalBeardโ€™s Duel / 70807 Specifications

Take on the robo-controlled Micro Manager in The LEGO Movie MetalBeard”™s Duel playset with MetalBeard”™s arm cannons, shark arm and pirate sword! Includes 2 minifigures: Emmet and Bad Cop Turn Bad Cop”™s head to transform him into Good Cop MetalBeard lost his body parts in a previous battle with Lord Business, but has rebuilt himself from old ship scraps to become more powerful than ever. Now, the giant Micro Manager is challenging him. Grab the pirate sword from the holster on his back and fire the cannons on his left arm. Protect his prized parrot and the treasure chest containing his body parts, and act fast before the Micro Manager fires missiles and grabs the construction foreman with its claws. LEGO Movie MetalBeard”™s Duel Includes 3 minifigures: Skeletron Robo SWAT Frank the Foreman MetalBeard features arm cannons with ammunition, a pirate sword and holster, a shark arm, turning waist and hips, and poseable arms and legs Also features the Micro Manager with opening hatch, poseable legs, big feet and claws Pirate accessories include: Flags Rudder Guns Smoke from the chimney An anchor Binoculars Monoculars A parrot on a flagpole Unlock MetalBeard”™s treasure chest to reveal his bones Capture the civilians with the Micro Manager”™s claws Flip out the Micro Manager”™s flick missiles and prepare to fire Grab MetalBeard”™s huge sword and prepare for battle Protect MetalBeard”™s treasure chest of body parts! Watch The LEGO Movie to see all your favorite characters in action MetalBeard measures over 7″(H) x 2″(L) x 8″ (W) The Micro Manager measures over 6″(H) x 3″(L) x 3″(W) Pieces: 412 Item #: 70807 Ages: 8-14

LEGO Movie MetalBeardโ€™s Duel / 70807 70807

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Product Name : LEGO Movie MetalBeardโ€™s Duel / 70807
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Product Model : LEGO 70807