LEGO Lego City Airport Fire Truck / 60061 60061

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Brand : LEGO
Model : 60061
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Lego City Airport Fire Truck / 60061 Specifications

The jet engine is on fire and must be put out, fast! Speed to the scene in the LEGO CITY Airport Fire Truck, point the water cannon at the blaze and douse it with a blast of water. If that doesn”™t do it, reel out the side-mounted fire hose and help the firefighter direct even more water onto the flames. No fire is too big for the amazing Airport Fire Truck! Includes 2 firefighter minifigures Includes 3 vehicles: fire truck, fire van and a fire helicopter Accessories include: firefighting equipment, flame elements, furniture, a computer, tool box with tools, axe, chainsaw, telephone, walkie-talkies and cup LEGO CITY Airport Fire Truck: Includes 2 firefighter minifigures with assorted accessories Features Airport Fire Truck and a burning jet engine Airport Fire Truck features a rotating, top-mounted water cannon, a reel-out, side-mounted fire hose and opening rear engine hatches Burning jet engine features fire elements Accessories include: Two realistic water elements Breathing apparatus Angle grinder Axe Point the water cannon at the flames and put out the fire Reel out the fire hose and help douse the flames Airport fire truck measures over 3″(H) x 9″(L) x 2″(W) Jet engine measures over 1″(H) x 1″(W) x 1″(L) Pieces: 362 Ages: 5+ Item #:60061

LEGO Lego City Airport Fire Truck / 60061 60061

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Product Name : Lego City Airport Fire Truck / 60061
Product Group : Toys/Games
Product Sub-Group#1 : Baby/Infant
Product Sub-Group#2 : Baby & Kids
Product Categories : LEGO
Product Model : LEGO 60061