Kicker DX250.1 250W Mono D Amplifier + 2 Farad Capacitor + Amp Kit (Package) 11DX2501 + VM-SRCAP2.0 + B8GK

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Brand : Kicker
Model : 11DX2501 + VM-SRCAP2.0 + B8GK
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Price : $129.95
Merchant Store : VMInnovations!

Kicker DX250.1 250W Mono D Amplifier + 2 Farad Capacitor + Amp Kit (Package) Specifications

We are an Authorized KICKER DEALER Amplifier: NEW KICKER DX250.1 250W 2-Ohm Mono Class D Car Audio Amplifier 140 Watt x 1 Channel @ 4 Ohm 250 Watt x 1 Channel @ 2 Ohm MAX Power: 250 Watts Class D 2-OHM MONO Remote Bass Capable: yes Advanced features at an affordable price with trusted reliable performance All amplifers feature FIT Fail-Safe Integration Technology with advanced input design FIT accepts output from virtually any source unit ““ factory or aftermarket ““ low signal-level to high speaker-level FIT’s isolated inputs reject electrical interference for noise-free operation FIT’s three turn-on modes interface with virtually any vehicle’s electrical system Automatic turn-on options include: 12 volt remote turn-on, DC offset, and audio signal sensing Specifications: Frequency Response +0/-1dB: 25-200 Hz Input Sensitivity: high level 250mV-10V, low level 125mV-5V Signal-To-Noise Ratio: >95dB Active Crossover: 18dB/octave, variable 50-200Hz Subsonic Filter: – 18dB/octave high-pass variable 10-30Hz KickEQ BOOST: variable to +12dB [DX250.1 selectable 0 or +9dB], centered @ 40Hz CEA-2006 Compliant DIMENSIONS: 10-1/4″ (L) x 8-5/16″ (W) x 2-1/4″ (H) 8 Gauge Power And Ground Wiring Is Required For Installation! Weight: 5.50 Lbs Condition: BRAND NEW! Part Number: 11DX250.1 Warranty: 3 years (2 Year Manufacturer + 1 Year VMInnovations Warranty) Capacitor: New VM Audio SRCAP2.0 2 Farad Car Hybrid Digital Capacitor 2 Farad High Energy Electrolytic Capacitor 2000W Stabilizing Amplifier Flow Capacity High Strength Cylindrical Aluminum Housing Nickel Plated Rust Resisting Post Connectors Soft Turn On/Off Power Surge Automatic On/Off Power Surge Accurate 3 Digit Voltage Display Bright Changing Status LED Notification Safety Sound Alert Digital Over Voltage Protection System Mounting/Charging Accessories Included Specifications: Voltage: 16V Maximum / 20V Surge Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR): <0.006 Ohm Tolerance: +/- 10% Charging /Discharging Resister: 1/4W / 1.2K Okm Capacitor Type: Electrolytic Terminals: Post Connectors Dimensions: Diameter: 3" Length: 10.24" Resistor, Mounting Brackets Included! Product Condition: Brand New Item Weight: 4 lbs. Part Number: SRCAP2.0 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty Amp Kit: NEW BOSS KIT2 8 Gauge Complete Car Amplifier Wiring Kit 20 Ft. 8 Ga Red Power Cable Competition High Quality Fuse Holder 3 Ft. 8 Ga Black Ground Cable 16 Ft. 18 Ga Blue Turn-On Wire 20 Ft. High Performance RCA Interconnect 30 Ft. Speaker Wire 6 Ft. Split Loom Tubing (20) 4" Wire Ties (3) Rubber Grommets #10 Ring Terminal 5/16" Ring Terminal 1/4" Ring Terminal Weight: 2 lbs Condition: BRAND NEW! Part Number: KIT2 Warranty: 2 Years (1 Year Manufacturer + 1 Year VMInnovations Warranty)

Kicker DX250.1 250W Mono D Amplifier + 2 Farad Capacitor + Amp Kit (Package) 11DX2501 + VM-SRCAP2.0 + B8GK

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Product Name : Kicker DX250.1 250W Mono D Amplifier + 2 Farad Capacitor + Amp Kit (Package)
Product Group : Electronics
Product Sub-Group#1 : Audio
Product Sub-Group#2 : Electronics
Product Categories : Mono Amps
Product Model : Kicker 11DX2501 + VM-SRCAP2.0 + B8GK