Lanzar MXA1600 2000W Mono Block Amplifier + Amp Kit (Package) MXA1600 + 4GAUGE

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Brand : Lanzar
Model : MXA1600 + 4GAUGE
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Lanzar MXA1600 2000W Mono Block Amplifier + Amp Kit (Package) Specifications

We are an authorized Lanzar dealer When your current amp isn’t enough, switch to Lanzar MAX. This 2000 watt monoblock subwoofer amp is perfect for powering your subwoofer. It’s equipped with a MOSFET power supply, low level RCA inputs, and line level RCA outputs – everything you need from a quality amp. It’s also got extra features that blow the competition away: a variable low-pass filter and subsonic filter to cut out the distortion and let the smooth sounds in, and variable gain control and bass boost to let your low-end explode with power. This amplifier is equipped with thermal, overload, and short-circuit protection to keep your equipment safe. This slim-size amplifier design is sleek and easy to install. The Q POWER 4 Gauge 2000 Watt Car Amplifier Installation Kit. This 4 Gauge wire kit comes with everything you will need! It includes: 17′ Red + 3′ Black Power/Ground Wire, 17′ – 18 Ga Blue Turn-On Wire, 25′ – 16 Ga Speaker Wire, 17′ RCA Cable, AGU Fuse Holder w/60 Amp Fuse, and Terminals, Wire Ties, & Grommets! Amplifier: New Lanzar MXA1600 2000 Watts Mono Block MOSFET Power Amplifier 2000W x 1 Output @ 2 Ohms Mono Block Subwoofer Amplifier 2 Ohm Stable MOSFET Power Supply Variable Low-Pass: 40 Hz-250 Hz Variable Input Level (Gain) Control: 6V-200mV Variable Bass Boost: 0~+18dB Variable Subsonic Filter: 10Hz~100Hz, 24dB/Octave Sub Sonic Switch Thermal / Overload / Short Circuit Protection Soft Turn On/Off Phase Control 0-180 degree Custom Terminal Block for Speaker Connection Power & Protection LED Indicator Low Level RCA Input: 10K Ohms Line Level RCA Output Frequency Response: 20 Hz-250 Hz Signal to Noise Ratio: >90dB THD:0.1 % 2×40 Amp Maxi Type Fuse Slim Size Amplifier Design for Easy Installation Dimensions: 10.63”W x 1.71”H x 12”L Product Condition: Brand New Part Number: MXA1600 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty Amp Kit: Brand New Q POWER 4 Gauge 2000W Car Amplifier Complete Installation Kit! 17′ Red + 3′ Black Power/Ground Wire 17′ – 18 Ga Blue Turn-On Wire 25′ – 16 Ga Speaker Wire 17′ RCA Cable, 6/Case AGU Fuse Holder w/60 Amp Fuse Terminals, Wire Ties, Grommets Included Condition: Brand New Item Weight: 2.5 lbs Part Number: 4GAUGE 2-year Warranty: (1-year Manufacturer + 1-year VMInnovations)

Lanzar MXA1600 2000W Mono Block Amplifier + Amp Kit (Package) MXA1600 + 4GAUGE

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