Lanzar MXA3000D 3000W Mono D Amplifier + Amp Kit (Package) MXA3000D + 4GAUGE

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Brand : Lanzar
Model : MXA3000D + 4GAUGE
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Lanzar MXA3000D 3000W Mono D Amplifier + Amp Kit (Package) Specifications

We are an Authorized Lanzar Dealer The Lanzar MXA3000D mono D car amplifier features a Mosfet power supply, subsonic switch, glass epoxy PCB, 3 way protection circuitry and comes with a slim size! The Q POWER 4 Gauge 2000 Watt Car Amplifier Installation Kit. This 4 Gauge wire kit comes with everything you will need! It includes: 17′ Red + 3′ Black Power/Ground Wire, 17′ – 18 Ga Blue Turn-On Wire, 25′ – 16 Ga Speaker Wire, 17′ RCA Cable, AGU Fuse Holder w/60 Amp Fuse, and Terminals, Wire Ties, & Grommets! Amplifier: New Lanzar MXA3000D 3000 Watt Mono D Car Amplifier 3000W x 1 Output @ 2 Ohms Mono Block Subwoofer Amplifier 1 Ohm Stable MOSFET Power Supply PWM (Pulse-Width-Modulation) System Variable Low-Pass : 40 Hz-250 Hz Variable Input Level (Gain) Control : 6V-200mV Variable Bass Boost : 0~+18dB Variable Subsonic Filter : 10Hz~100Hz, 24dB/Octave Sub Sonic Switch Glass Epoxy PCB Thermal / Overload / Short Circuit Protection Soft Turn On/Off Phase Control 0-180 degree Custom Terminal Block for Speaker Connection Power & Protection LED Indicator Low Level RCA Input : 10K Ohms Line Level RCA Output Frequency Response : 20 Hz-250 Hz Signal to Noise Ratio: >90dB THD:0.1 % 4×25 Amp ATO Type Fuse Slim Size Amplifier Design For Easy Installation Dimensions: 10.63”W x 1.71”H x 13”L Product Condition: Brand New Part Number: MXA3000D 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty Amp Kit: Brand New Q POWER 4 Gauge Car Amplifier Complete Installation Kit! 17′ Red + 3′ Black Power/Ground Wire 17′ – 18 Ga Blue Turn-On Wire 25′ – 16 Ga Speaker Wire 17′ RCA Cable, 6/Case AGU Fuse Holder w/60 Amp Fuse Terminals, Wire Ties, Grommets Included Condition: Brand New Item Weight: 2.5 lbs Part Number: 4GAUGE 2-year Warranty: (1-year Manufacturer + 1-year VMInnovations)

Lanzar MXA3000D 3000W Mono D Amplifier + Amp Kit (Package) MXA3000D + 4GAUGE

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