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Brand : Bullz Audio
Model : BCB150A
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Bullz Audio 12 Volt/150 Amp Circuit Breaker / BCB150A Specifications

This 12V, 150 Amp Car Audio Circuit Breaker, by Bullz Audio has been designed to end the struggle of blowing fuses, and hassle having to install more. A red arm will deploy when the circuit is tripped, then just simply reset the circuit and you’ll be jamming to your favorite tunes in no time! Bullz Audio proudly provides the needed amplifier wiring and car audio installation accessories to get and keep your audio equipment up and running! Bullz Audio products offer an amazing value for their low prices. We are an Authorized Dealer. Authorized Bullz Audio dealers sell new, warranted products! Brand New Bullz Audio 12V/150 Amp Car Audio Circuit Breaker Inline Circuit Breaker Quit Blowing/Buying Fuses 12 Volt – 150 Amp Self Testing & Manual Override Red Arm Deploys Once Circuit is Tripped Durable/Waterproof Housing Comes in Retail Blister Packaging Product Condition: Brand New Part Number: BCB150A 2 Year Warranty: (1 Year Manufacturer Warranty + 1 Year VMInnovations Warranty!)

Bullz Audio 12 Volt/150 Amp Circuit Breaker / BCB150A BCB150A

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Product Name : Bullz Audio 12 Volt/150 Amp Circuit Breaker / BCB150A
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