Chauvet DMX Cable – 25′ 3 Pin Cables (16 Pack) 16 x DMX3P25FT

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Brand : Chauvet
Model : 16 x DMX3P25FT
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Price : $147.95
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Chauvet DMX Cable – 25′ 3 Pin Cables (16 Pack) Specifications

The Chauvet DMX Cable will ensure your equipment works at optimal levels. Chauvet produces a variety of cables for all of its fixtures, including DMX this 3-pin, 25-foot long cable. All Chauvet DMX cables are made specifically for lighting and meet stringent standards of suitability and quality to provide safety, shielding and prevent transmission interferences. If you want the most output for your money, this is the way to go. This accessory will help you connect the equipment that will be great for parties, weddings, and any type of festive occasion. Chauvet provides top quality DJ/Party equipment, and the Chauvet DMX Cable is no exception! 3-pin, male-to-female DMX cable 25-feet long 2-year Warranty: (1-year Manufacturer Warranty + 1-year VMInnovations Warranty) 1 Buy = 16 Chauvet DMX3P25FT Light Cables We are an Authorized Dealer. Authorized Chauvet dealers sell new, warranted products. (16) Brand New Chauvet DMX Cable 3 Pin 25 Foot Cables! 25ft, 3-Pin DMX Cable Specifications: Connector: DMX Pins: 3 AWG: 24 Impedance: 117 Ohm Product Condition: Brand New Part Number: DMX3P25FT 2-year Warranty: (1-year Manufacturer Warranty + 1-year VMInnovations Warranty!)

Chauvet DMX Cable – 25′ 3 Pin Cables (16 Pack) 16 x DMX3P25FT

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Product Name : Chauvet DMX Cable – 25′ 3 Pin Cables (16 Pack)
Product Group : Electronics
Product Sub-Group#1 : Audio
Product Sub-Group#2 : Electronics
Product Categories : Parts & Accessories
Product Model : Chauvet 16 x DMX3P25FT