North States Top-Notch Baby/Pet Safety Gate / (2-Pack) 8699

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Brand : North States
Model : 8699
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Price : $43.95
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North States Top-Notch Baby/Pet Safety Gate / 8699 (2-Pack) Specifications

North States’ Juvenile Product category offers the most versatile and economical gates and enclosures in the industry. Certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association for safety, North States gates and enclosures are engineered to provide the highest quality, durability, and ease of use. This adjustable, pressure-mounted gate installs easily and securely giving you peace of mind. Its ” memory-lock” feature retains its locking position when removed so you can reposition without hassle at any time. The North States Top-Notch Gate can adjust to fit openings up to 41″ wide and stands 23″ high. Offer is for four North States Top-Notch Gates. North States Top-Notch Gate – (4-Pack) Works for children and pets Stands 23″ high and fits openings 28″ to 41″ wide Pressure mounted design does not require any drilling Exclusive memory lock retains locking position when removed Great for use on bottom of stairs or between rooms. Part #: 8699 Warranty: 30 day North States warranty against product defects

North States Top-Notch Baby/Pet Safety Gate / (2-Pack) 8699

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Product Name : North States Top-Notch Baby/Pet Safety Gate / 8699 (2-Pack)
Product Group : Gifts/Specialty
Product Sub-Group#1 : Baby/Infant
Product Sub-Group#2 : Baby & Kids
Product Categories : Safety Gates
Product Model : North States 8699