Juiceman Junior JM300 Juice Maker Extractor / (Refurbished) JM300-RB

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Brand : Juiceman
Model : JM300-RB
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Juiceman Junior JM300 Juice Maker Extractor / (Refurbished) Specifications

All the parts of this Juiceman JM300 are dishwasher-safe, so cleaning will be a cinch. Plus, when the pulp basket is not in place, or the safety bar is not locked properly, the dual safety interlock system steps in and keeps the juicer from operating to help you avoid messes. The Juiceman JM300 Juicer allows you to extract juice from soft or hard fruit quickly. Combining 700 watts of power with two speeds, this electric juicer will help you create delicious smoothies, salads, salsas, and much more. Included in the package is a custom-fit 700ml juice container, a convenient filter cleaning brush, and a large feed chute that can fit a variety of produce, including whole fruits and vegetables. Safety interlock switch Easy to clean, removable pulp container 90 Days VMInnovations Warranty Manufacturer Refurbished Juiceman JM300 700 Watt Junior Automatic Juice Extractor Two speeds: Low for softer produce, and High for harder produce, including rinds & skins Powerful 700-watt motor Large feed chute can fit a variety of produce, including whole fruits and vegetables Stainless steel permanent mesh filter and basket High-impact, transparent lid Safety interlock switch Easy to clean, removable pulp container Non-skid rubber feet Includes custom-fit 700ml juice container that fits easily under the spout for continuous juicing, and a filter cleaning brush Specifications: Color: White Dimensions: 15.25 x 8 x 14 Inches Shipping Weight: 11.05 Wattage: 700 Product Condition: Manufacturer Refurbished Part Number: JM300 90 Days VMInnovations Warranty

Juiceman Junior JM300 Juice Maker Extractor / (Refurbished) JM300-RB

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Product Name : Juiceman Junior JM300 Juice Maker Extractor / (Refurbished)
Product Group : Home/Family
Product Sub-Group#1 : Kitchen
Product Sub-Group#2 : Home & Garden
Product Categories : Small Appliances
Product Model : Juiceman JM300-RB