VM Audio 4) 8-Inch 350W Ceiling/Wall Home Speakers VMIS8

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Brand : VM Audio
Model : VMIS8
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Price : $69.99
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4) VM Audio VMIS8 8-Inch 350W Ceiling/Wall Home Speakers Specifications

8″ Full Range In-Ceiling Speaker with Quick Lock System MSRP: $ 89.99 Even the best-looking speakers won”™t always blend seamlessly into your home”™s dรฉcor. That”™s why VM Audio has designed a perfect solution to conceal your entertainment system with our Shaker Series In-Ceiling speakers. Whether your home is short on space or you”™re going for a clean look to your home entertainment system, the Shaker Series In-Ceiling speakers by VM Audio are designed for high-performance audio reproduction while completely blending into your ceilings or walls. Available in both 6″ and 8″ options, the speakers can be painted to match the color of your home for complete camouflage. Quickly and easily install the Shaker Series In-Ceiling speakers using our Twist-n-Lock feature. More importantly, the In-Ceiling speakers”™ sound fidelity is enhanced by our DDP technology that delivers two-speaker driver performance. On top of everything, the Shaker Series In-Ceiling speakers use our exclusive Special-K technology that allows for a wider angle of sound distribution so your home theater speakers can cover more area. Enjoy entertainment without disrupting your room arrangement or appearance with bulky speakers and unsightly wires. Let VM Audio turn your home theater into a designer”™s paradise.   WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW

VM Audio 4) 8-Inch 350W Ceiling/Wall Home Speakers VMIS8

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Product Name : 4) VM Audio VMIS8 8-Inch 350W Ceiling/Wall Home Speakers
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Product Model : VM Audio VMIS8