Chauvet CH-730 LED Mini Strobe Light + H700 Fog Smoke Machine H700 + MINISTROBE-LED

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Brand : Chauvet
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Chauvet CH-730 LED Mini Strobe Light + H700 Fog Smoke Machine Specifications

The Chauvet CH-730 Mini Strobe Light is an easy-to-use strobe light with 21 white LEDs and adjustable strobe rate. Plug-and-play right out of box, it comes in a compact case and ready to use for your next mobile DJ gig, party or anywhere you need a punch of white light. Features adjustable flashes per second output. Designed for use in very small areas, this light is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Also included in the package is the Chauvet H700! The Hurricane Series Foggers provide the quality, performance and innovation for which CHAUVET is known. All come with generous-capacity tanks and quick heat up of water-based fog to fill a venue within minutes. This product features a 0.6 Liter capacity, a 2.5 minute heat up time, and includes a wired remote! Package Includes: (1) Chauvet H700 Fog Machine (1) Chauvet CH-730 Mini Strobe Light We are an authorized Chauvet dealer Brand New Chauvet CH-730 LED Mini Strobe Light! Ready to go out of the box Manually adjustable strobe rate Light source: 21 (white) LEDs Power and current: 120V, 60Hz: 1W, < 0.1A operating, < 0.1A inrush AC power: 115V/60Hz or 230V/50Hz Weight: 0.5lb (.2kg) Size: 5.1in x 4in x 3.7in / 130mm x 102mm x 95mm Part Number: MINISTROBE-LED Product Condition: Brand New 2-year Warranty: (1-year Manufacturer + 1-year VMInnovations!) Brand New Chauvet H700 Fog/Smoke Machine! Ready to use right out of the box Output: 1,500cfm 0.6L tank capacity Fog fluid included (0.5L) 2.5 minute heat up Permanently wired remote Water-based fogger Specifications: Fluid consumption: 7.5ml/minute Remote Length: 13 ft (4 m) Input Voltage: 120 VAC, 60 Hz Power and Current: 471 W, 3.9 A @ 120 V, 60 Hz Weight: 4lbs (1.8kg) Size: 8.5in x 7.1in x 4.9in 215mm x 180mm x 125mm Product Condition: Brand New Part Number: H-700 (H700) 2-year Warranty: (1-year Manufacturer + 1-year VMInnovations!)

Chauvet CH-730 LED Mini Strobe Light + H700 Fog Smoke Machine H700 + MINISTROBE-LED

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Product Name : Chauvet CH-730 LED Mini Strobe Light + H700 Fog Smoke Machine
Product Group : Electronics
Product Sub-Group#1 : Audio
Product Sub-Group#2 : Electronics
Product Categories : Strobe Lights
Product Model : Chauvet H700 + MINISTROBE-LED