Q Power (2) Rockford Fosgate R2SD2-10 10″ 800W Subwoofers w/ Dodge Ram ’02-Newer Sub Box R2SD2-10 + QBOMB-DODGE10-4DR

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Brand : Q Power
Model : R2SD2-10 + QBOMB-DODGE10-4DR
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Price : $207.95
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(2) Rockford Fosgate R2SD2-10 10″ 800W Subwoofers w/ Dodge Ram ’02-Newer Sub Box Specifications

This ROCKFORD FOSGATE R2SD2-10 400 Watt 10″ 2-Ohm Prime Series DVC Subwoofer is ideal when mounting space is limited due to its shallow design. The reduced depth is made possible by an elevated motor structure. The R2SD2-10 features a Mica-injected polypropylene cone, a Stamp-Cast basket with spider venting, 12-gauge compression terminals, anodized aluminum voice coil former, PVC trim ring, a linear spider with 16-gauge tinsel leads, and a Dual Voice Coil. Also included with the ROCKFORD FOSGATE R2SD2-10 is the Q-Power 10″ Q-Bomb Sub Box Enclosure, which is custom made for Dodge Ram Quad Cab Trucks, model year 2002 or newer. This enclosure is designed to fit underneath the rear seats and boasts .65 cubic feet of air space. The Q-Power 10″ Q-Bomb subwoofer box is finished with a black bedliner spray for increased durability. Package Includes: (2) Rockford Fosgate R2SD2-10 Subwoofers (1) Q-Power Custom Dodge Ram Quad Cab Sub Box We are an authorized Rockford Fosgate and Q-Power dealer (2) Brand New ROCKFORD FOSGATE R2SD2-10 400 Watt 10″ Prime Series Subwoofers Max Power: 400 Watts RMS Power: 200 Watts Size: 10″ CEA-2031 Compliant Mica-Injected Polypropylene Cone Speaker Connector: Dual 12-Gauge Compression Integrated PVC Trim Ring Linear Spider with Embedded 16-gauge Tinsel Leads Stamp-Cast Basket with Spider Venting Specifications: Fs (Hz): 38.1 Re (Ohms): 3.80 Le (mH): 4.2 Qms: 8.00 Qes: 0.74 Qts: 0.68 Vas (Liters): 20.4 Sd (cm2): 333 SPL (dB @ 1w/1m): 83 Xmax (mm): 8.0 Woofer Displacement (in): 0.037 cu. ft. (1.05 Liters) Cutout Diameter (in): 9.125 in. (232 mm) Mounting Depth (in): 3.417 in. (86.8 mm) Optimized for both Sealed and Vented Enclosures Magnet Weight: 45 oz. Weight: 9 lbs Condition: Brand New Part Number: R2SD2-10 1-year Manufacturer Warranty Brand New Q-Power 10″ Custom Dodge Ram ’02-Newer Quad Cab Q-Bomb Sub Box Designed and Built for the Deepest Bass Best Quality Enclosure Black Bed ” Rhino” Liner Spray Finish ” Q Bomb” is etched in the top of the box Dual Chamber Design Your 10″ Woofers will hit really hard in this enclosure Specifications: Size: 10″ Weight: 33 lbs Dimensions: 54.5″ (W) x 13.5″ (H) x 8″ (D) Air Space: .65 cubic feet Mounting Depth: 6″ Condition: Brand New Part Number: QBOMB-DODGE10-4DR 2-year Warranty: (1-year Manufacturer + 1-year VMInnovations)

Q Power (2) Rockford Fosgate R2SD2-10 10″ 800W Subwoofers w/ Dodge Ram ’02-Newer Sub Box R2SD2-10 + QBOMB-DODGE10-4DR

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Product Name : (2) Rockford Fosgate R2SD2-10 10″ 800W Subwoofers w/ Dodge Ram ’02-Newer Sub Box
Product Group : Electronics
Product Sub-Group#1 : Audio
Product Sub-Group#2 : Electronics
Product Categories : Subwoofer Boxes & Enclosures
Product Model : Q Power R2SD2-10 + QBOMB-DODGE10-4DR