Kicker D-Series 6×9-Inch 360W Speakers (4-pack) 41DSC6934

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Brand : Kicker
Model : 41DSC6934
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Kicker 41DSC6934 D-Series 6×9-Inch 360W Speakers (4-pack) Specifications

The Kicker DSC6934 6×9″ 3-way car audio speakers features a MAX power of 360 watts (720W per 4-pack) and an RMS power of 90 watts (180W per 4-pack). A drop-in coaxial upgrade with the flexibility to fit nearly any vehicles doors for a vast improvement over factory sound. Also, the thin-profile woofers avoid obstructing car-window mechanisms and the 13mm polyethylene-naphthalate domed tweeters have zero-to-minimal tweeter protrusion. The high-sensitivity motor structures of the woofers are made to deliver increased volume output despite lower-powered, factory head units, but they also handle the high power from add-on amps. The midrange woofer”™s stiff, polypropylene cones and acoustic-foam surrounds provide optimal performance for the Kicker DSC6934. 1 buy = 4 speakers Thin-Profile High Sensitivity Motor Structures Acoustic-Foam Surrounds We are an authorized Kicker dealer 4) Kicker 41DSC6934 D-Series 6×9″ 720 Watt 4-Ohm 3-Way Car Audio Coaxial Speakers Power Handling: Peak: 360 watts (720W per 4-pack) RMS: 90 watts (180W per 4-pack) Thin-Profile Zero-to-Minimal Tweeter Protrusion Midrange Woofers High Sensitivity Motor Structures Stiff Polypropylene Cones Acoustic-Foam Surrounds Polyethylene-Naphthalate Domed Tweeters Impedance: 4-Ohm 1/2″ Tweeter Frequency: 30-20k Grille: Yes Condition: Brand New Item Weight: 17.8 lbs Part Number: 41DSC6934 1-year Manufacturer Warranty

Kicker D-Series 6×9-Inch 360W Speakers (4-pack) 41DSC6934

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